Introduction to Admissions

Selecting a suitable university or college that meets your academic, professional and personal needs can be a very important decision.

We expect that many of graduates will go on to further studies in universities or other post-secondary institutions. The academic programs offered at PTHS allow students to choose coursework that will prepare them to continue their education after high school. Motivated PTHS graduates have traditionally been very successful at a variety of post secondary institutions.

There is no one "best" university or school for any individual - there are many very fine options. Conducting research into a variety of institutions and becoming aware of both your potential and your limitations will result in making an appropriate choice.

Applying to university or college should be a collaborative decision involving your parents, the PTHS Counselor, teachers, friends, and admissions personnel. We hope that you will consult with the counselor on a regular basis to ensure that you are well prepared to embark on this next phase of your life.


• Plan ahead and act early. You will submit applications during the fall semester of Grade 12.  Applications that are received before the deadline can give you an advantage, especially if the university/college has rolling admissions.

• During Grade 11 you can prepare by completing your college “portfolio”.  This portfolio should include a list of colleges to which you will apply, deadlines and application requirements for each school, a copy of your test results, a resume, a draft essay, a sample college application and a list of possible references.

• Organize yourself for admissions testing.  While you may sit the SAT here at PTHS, you will need to make arrangements to complete any other required tests in advance of the admissions deadlines.

• There is no need to apply to more than six universities/colleges. Applying to more will only create more stress for you, as the application process is quite time-consuming.

• Make sure that you apply to at least one university/college where you and the counselor are sure you will be accepted.

• You must arrange to have your transcript, recommendations, and test results forwarded. The PTHS Counselor can forward your transcript, but you will need to ask teachers if they will write letters of recommendation for you, and you will need to contact the testing agency to request that your scores be sent.

• You will also need to contact the Housing Office and Financial Aid Office of each school to which you apply. These offices will help you with campus accommodations, and will advise you about the possibility of institutional scholarships.

• Get in the habit of completing all application and testing documents with your full, legal (passport) name – it will save time and confusion if all your documents are identified by the same name.

• Fee Waivers may be available for students who qualify for the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Fee waivers may be available to cover the costs of college testing, admissions fees, materials for Running Start courses, and other educational expenses. Please see your Counselor for more information.

• Do not hesitate to see the PTHS Counselor with any questions.