Scholarships provide financial support for post-secondary education. Scholarships are competitive and applications are judged on specific criteria established by the scholarship donors. For example, scholarships may be awarded based on academic or athletic success, membership in a club or special group, for study in a particular field or for attendance at a particular institution.

Here's how to get started: - Get more information about for scholarships by clicking here.
It's a FREE resource for students that matches Washington scholarship seekers with Washington scholarship providers.

    Web Searches - Scholarship criteria are varied and thus not all scholarships will be appropriate for all students. Students and their families may want to research scholarships by using library or web references and by contacting the post-secondary schools of interest to the student. Good on-line resources may be found at , and on our Useful Websites page.

    Institutional Scholarships - Most post-secondary schools provide scholarship opportunities for their students. These scholarships are awarded from the institution to their students. Graduating seniors should inquire directly to the schools of interest to determine their eligibility and application procedures for these awards.

    Local and other scholarships that are announced to PTHS will be listed on this webpage and will be published in the daily student bulletin. Applications are available in the Counseling Office.


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