Senior Class Poem 2014

Ode to the Class of 2014

It’s 2014 and Back to the Future’s the set,

Letters are the new Twitter and trains the new jet,

So all aboard 2014, you can hear that long whistle blow--

Who’s driving this train? Ewan’s the bleepin’ conductor, yo!

Eamonn’s got the schedule organized, so we’ll arrive on the right date,

Wait! Stop the train!  It’s Carly--she’s late,

Carlos and Geran will provide security for the ride,

Watch out! Anna Moore just tagged up the outside!

Jake M. can machine us new parts when things go amiss,

If you want a better train--Paul will tell you they’re Swiss.

Lily and Peter T. will charge passengers carbon tax rent,

until we’re all bus-riding vegetarians, like Trent.

But don’t worry our old-school train is still fancy and new,

Mazy designed robots to do Pierson’s assignments for you,

The dining car will have greens Peri grew from the soil,

But Yash won’t eat them--unless they’re deep fried in oil.

Rory is soloing up on the stage in the train lounge,

While Taylor and Jaylin dance all around,

On the couch, Brady’s making jokes and Max M. is laughing deliriously

Ow! that one hurt Forrest P. feelings--seriously… No, seriously.

Look out the window--On her bike Annalise is setting the course,

And is that a train robber? Nah, just Annie on her horse,

Daniel C.’s got the presidential car, everyone knows,

But who’s really running this train, it’s Kim Jung Rose.

Yes this class is different, Micah dances to his own drum’s sound,

And Sky will wrap your head in a pillow--before driving it into the ground,

Shae loves pretty much everything from Japan,

While Eliza and Lindsey are the world’s biggest Comicon fans,

Miles and Austin both have the skills to play Magic for money,

Calvin’s humor can turn uncomfortable into uncomfortably funny,

Issues with playlists? Call Rachel and Rebecca,

If it’s your dog with the issues better call Dr. Crecca.

And proving once and for all you can’t keep a good woman down,

Back from beyond its the unsinkable Molly Brown.

Maranda is kind and Makayla loves teaching the tots,

William B.’s a hard worker-he works, and works… a lot.

Taj and Al joined the class of 2014 for just a short time,

Marta joined us too and her English is better than mine.

In sports, Tristan and Carl drive the ball on the pitch,

Jayde’s addition took our teams from the 99 to the 1% rich,

Eager to learn, Pi loved every sport that she tried,

And Jacob K. knows his role, just check out his side,

Matt Cain and Kade could rally their wrestlers from any funk,

And Cody Russell--I still owe you a dunk.

In football Max Ghai could seem real mean,

But off the field with Jake N. and Spencer he made “Nicest Guy” team.

Grayson’s chess mastery reminded us not all athletes need courts,

And whatever you do, don’t you tell Tim Halo 4 ain’t a sport.

James and Jewel could help our basketball teams come from behind,

Or as we simply say in PT: It’s Rilke time.

But they also have the skills for the “real life” that follows,

Francis could start up a business and run it tomorrow,

Jacob E. can lead others through battle unharmed,

And Gen’s opinions are just as strong as her arm,

Emily is so good, she did two senior projects without stress,

Max has that quiet sense of humor--which Max? Max S.!

Payton’s voice is strong and she’ll see the fight through,

Ian and Sara may be quiet, but they’re both smarter than you.

Michael P. got to work in the woods--he could easily gloat,

And Zac’s Maritime Discovery?  There’s money in boats.

Natalie T. can command a room--become a teacher, pretty please!

Want the really skinny on this class? Talk to Irene in Chinese.

Emma could run her own Thai restaurant, and probably go far,

Trisha’s so professional she could take the reigns from Ms. R.

Austin N. can pretty much weld anything from a few extra parts,

Alanna’s next song is gonna scream up the charts.

And who can easily manage job, school and life all on the go?

That’s superwoman Allegra with little Brielle in tow.

Senior projects never filled this class with dread,

Natalie Y. helped keep all dogs and cats fed,

Eli and Alex mapped eel grass with each scuba dive,

While Kyra’s habitat project helped salmon thrive,

Krysta made sure everyone got a meal,

Darius liked the water so much he might end up a SEAL,

John trekked and trekked past when folks thought they were through,

Josie turned Firefly preschool into her own Cordon Bleu,

Natalee T. and Cholla helped elders’ needs get met,

Vy taught some young folks the meaning of Tet,

Daniel P. ensured our games club didn’t fold,

Jack let us know golf wasn’t just for the old,

Peter’s S.U.P. business got him wheeling and dealing,

Jordan helped Smitty’s pin virtual bills to their ceiling.

This class of ‘14 did style with just the right feel,

Megan will tell you it’s not Plastic, it’s real.

Harry takes bow ties from hipster to chic,

Claire can even make Milwaukee a little less bleak,

Hana and Pearl both create art you can wear,

Brenda and Adrianna will bedazzle your hair,

Joyce with her make-up takes average to sublime,

But you’ll have to work hard to be as stylish as Anthony, Forrest or Stein.

Well that’s all that there is for this unique class of ‘14,

It was like a whole group of outliers without a statistical mean,

With a sense of style and flair they floated through the school,

they could even make dance wrist bands seem kinda cool.

Now they’ve all flown the nest, there own lives to begin,

But don’t worry, the class of 2015 is set to swoop in.

by Benjamin Dow