Cell Phone Policy at PTHS

Cell Phone Policy at PTHS
Posted on 02/24/2020
New Cell Phone Policy

PTHS Cell Phone Rules 2019-2020

Dear Parents of PTHS Students:

 Like many schools, we have been struggling to manage student cell phone use during class.  In most classrooms, student cell phones had become a distraction to the educational process, as students are unable to maintain focus on the instruction, due to the ongoing urge to send or read messages.  Schools around the country have begun taking action to create cell phone free educational environments, and we felt it was time as well.  While we would prefer that our students have the ability to use their phones responsibly, and only as allowed during the school day, we have come to the conclusion that the temptation for cell phone use during class time has become too strong.  And therefore we’ve implemented more stringent measures to control cell phone use during instructional time at our school.


   *A cell phone holding device will be placed in each classroom/instructional area/office.

   *Teachers will use the first minutes of class to have all students set their phones to silence and put them in the cell phone holder.

   *If a student chooses to secure their phone in a backpack, that is allowable, as long as the phone is set to silence and the student does not try to retrieve it from the backpack.

   *Students will not be able to retrieve their phone until the end of class.



   *A student who is caught using their cell phone during class, or in the hallway during a class period, will have it removed and taken to the office.

   *A parent/guardian will need to come in and meet with the Principal or Dean, for the phone to be returned. 

   *After a second offense, the phone must be turned into the office before school, each day, and will be held by administration until the end of the school day, or student should not bring the phone to school anymore.

  *If a student does not comply with either keeping the phone home, or turning it into the school office each day (after the second offense) and the phone is taken a third time, the school will not return the phone to the parent until the end of the current semester.

Occasionally, teachers will allow the students to utilize their phone for instructional use.  However, this practice will not be a daily occurrence, so students should be expecting to turn their phone in to the holder, each class period, unless otherwise directed.  In most cases, the classroom Chromebooks will provide better technology access for the students, and will help teachers insure that the technology is being used for the appropriate purpose.

We are excited to see the increased focus by students and the return of instructional time that our teachers will be gaining.  If you have any questions about these expectations, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or our Dean of Students, Patrick Gaffney.


Carrie Ehrhardt, Principal

Port Townsend High School

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