Almost, Maine - Fall Play
Almost, Maine - Fall Play
Posted on 10/23/2018
Almost, Maine - Fall Play The PTHS Fall Play, Almost, Maine, performances are November 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 16 & 17 in the PTHS Auditorium.  

$10 General Admission at the door
$5 Students & Seniors
$3 Children 12 and under

One of the things that bought brought me back to directing on the PTHS stage was author John
Cariani comments in his prologue to his play Almost, Maine: “The people of Almost, Maine are not cuddly and cute. They are hard-working ordinary people who are dignified, honest, and true.

They're not cynical. They're not sarcastic, and they're not glib. But that does not mean they're
dumb. They're very smart, but they just take time to wonder about things.” Cariani's honest
treatment of his subject, his brilliant dialogue, and his wacky sense of humor all combine for a
play that is true and fun at the same time. It's incredibly difficult to make honest art that is also wacky and fun, and this play and our Port Townsend High School actors are going to pull this off. They will teach us about ourselves, our community, and our relationship to the nation as a rural town.

The show--the most popular high school play from 2007-2014-- presents 8 couples at various
stages of their relationships on a surreal Friday Night in a small, unincorporated Maine town
near the Canadian border. The dialogue, acting, and the whole production will make audiences
laugh, cry, and think.

A mixture of talented and experienced seniors Keegan Nordstrom, Bodie Labrie, and Hannah
Germeau along with, actor and trained tech, David Smith, plus an inspired group of
underclassmen (Gage Barry, Grace Wentzel, Mary Neville, Grace Taracka, Julia Neville) and a
strong backstage crew (Autumn Winsheimer, Kayella Gardner, and Roslyn Salmon) will make
this a memorable show.

I'm thankful to our principal Carrie Ehrhardt, and the school district for supporting this
production, and for Jim Guthrie for being an incredible resource and set builder. The whole
process reminds me of why we do place-based education-- to get students thinking about their
world, engaging with community members, and learning in real life contexts. We should note
here that in the arts we always are doing place-based education!

~ Director Chris Pierson