PTHS Campus Safety
PTHS Campus Safety is a Top Priority
PTHS Campus Safety

Campus Safety Reminder for Students & Parents

Having a safe high school campus is a top priority at Port Townsend High School.  To help support our efforts around staff, student and visitor safety, please adhere to the following guidelines and be aware of the consequences for inappropriate behavior, by students and/or adults.

On a typical school day, our campus (and main office) is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Check the high school website for special schedules.

All visitors, including parents, are required to check in at the main office upon arrival at the high school.  Visitors will be assisted with the check in process and be issued a visitor badge, as appropriate.

PTHS has a camera system.  Cameras are placed both inside the buildings and outside on the grounds and in parking areas.  This is not a surveillance system, as cameras are not continuously monitored, but a security system so that footage of our campus may be reviewed to document incidents and identify individuals who may be involved in inappropriate acts.  Approximately 89% of high schools in the United States are equipped with a security camera system. 

Staff and students participate in several safety drills throughout the year, including fire, earthquake, violent intruder (ALICE model), lockdown, and shelter in place.  In the event of a tsunami, PTHS is a shelter-in-place area for students, staff, and community.  Staff receive annual training on conducting/supporting our safety drills.

Anyone who sees a safety concern or suspicious activity, inside our buildings or outside on our campus grounds/parking lot, is asked to report it immediately to the main office so that it can be handled by an administrator or our School Resource Officer.

For drivers - PTHS has several different parking lots on our campus.  Please be aware of those who may be walking through parking areas, when pulling in or out of our school.  Students in crosswalks, and buses, have the right of way.  It is illegal to park in a spot designated as handicapped parking, without the vehicle being identified as such (placard).

PTHS is a drug-free, alcohol-free, weapon-free, tobacco/vape free-campus.  Any individuals found in violation are subject to suspension or expulsion (when a student), up to and including arrest.  Specific language regarding these expectations are included in the annual School District Calendar and School District Policies as defined:

  • Student Conduct Code Violations for Alcohol and Other Drug Use (policy 3240/3240P, 2121, 2121P) 
  • Tobacco (policy 4215/4215P)
  • Safe and Drug Free Schools (RCW 69.50.204 Schedule 1)

Additionally, various signs are posted around campus reminding everyone of our status as a drug/alcohol/weapon/tobacco free environment.

The high school campus is open for juniors and seniors to have off campus lunch on block days only.  The student calendar identifies block days for students.  During other days, all students are expected to remain on campus during lunchtime, unless the child is registered as a part time student, (includes Running Start) or the parent has received permission for their child to have special circumstances (i.e. walk home for lunch daily) accommodated. 

Part-time students are welcome to stay on campus during free periods for quiet study in the library.  These individuals are expected to check in with the Library Aide and may be required to sign in to the library for its use.  Students who do not have a designated class on a given period are not allowed to ‘hang out’ on campus in unsupervised areas for safety reasons.  Students who need a place to study during free periods can also utilize the Port Townsend Public Library, which is only four blocks away from the high school. 

If you have any questions about our safety expectations, please contact the main office and ask to speak to Carrie Ehrhardt, Principal; Patrick Gaffney, Dean of Students; or Jeremy Vergin, School Resource Officer, regarding campus safety.

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