PTHS Fall Play "Our Town"

PTHS Fall Play "Our Town"
Posted on 10/29/2019
PTHS Fall Play "Our Town"
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Port Townsend High School Auditorium Friday, November 8 at 7 pm Saturday, November 9 at 2 and 7 pm Friday, November 15 at 7 pm Saturday, November 16 at 2 and 7 pm Admission: $10 adults, $5 seniors & students, $3 children under 12 years of age Pulitzer Prize winning Our Town by Thornton Wilder is being played this fall at Port Townsend High School’s Auditorium. The play is directed by Kelly Doran.

Her passion is theatre for social change and Our Town fits that bill for her.  “Our Town is a highly transformative play for the actors playing in it and for the audience watching it.”  Thornton Wilder takes us on a journey with the help of the stage manager/narrator/omniscient guide through daily life, love and marriage and finally death.  It tells the story of the fictional American small-town Grover’s Corners from 1900-1913 through the everyday lives of its citizens, particularly two families. 

The play was written by Thornton Wilder in 1938 and has been one of the most performed plays of all time. Why? Thornton Wilder’s words cut straight to the heart. His simple idea for staging, props and acting for this play highlight the message of not getting caught up in the unimportant details of life. The play’s direction calls for it to be performed on an empty stage with no scenery except tables, chairs and ladders.

The play reminds us that life will end and our opportunities to love, to pay attention, to enjoy one another, and the beauty of the earth are fleeting.

Please come enjoy this classic American play on November 8 at 7 pm, November 9 at 2 and 7 pm, November 15 at 7 pm and November 16 at 2 and 7 pm.

Kelly Doran taught theatre and technical theatre at Peninsula College in 2018-19, Pierce College 2009-2011, Tacoma School of the Arts from 2002-2017, and American International Education from 1996-2001. She is currently the technical director at Centrum.

Linda Dowdell is the music director, Susan Latham the costume director, Kendall Mahoney is the lighting designer and Jim Guthrie, Kelly Doran and Susan Latham were the stage painters. Special thanks to Jan Boutilier, Carrie Ehrhardt, and Chris Pierson for making me feel supported and filling out tons of paperwork to get things paid for!

Quotes from Students:

“The value of this play is appreciating very normal things, like small things people do for one another. Putting on stage the things that people notice but don’t talk about that make an impact and maybe more of an impact than very large scale things.”--Orion Pendley

“A play that everyone can relate to.” --David Smith

"It’s about paying attention to one another.  After running through this play a couple of times, I realized we really don’t look at one another when we speak to each other and I have tried to do better on this, to realize that my actions have consequences and that other people have feelings.”--Aiden Hill

“The value of this play comes from the three acts and how the play is set up.  The first act sets up the weight to the Emily’s monologue in the third act.”--Finn Brooks

“Miming is super difficult, but is necessary for the simplified vision of the play to focus more on the relationships of the characters and not things.”--Julia Neville

"This play focuses on the individuals, all the different little bits of communication and what is not communicated.  We have a play that isn’t about anything that is a huge event--it’s just about a life. Life is not about what happens to me that is impressive but everything is impressive if you really think about what life is." -Grace Wentzel

“The heart of the play is about people and relationships.  It’s why this play has no props or scenery because if you boil it down to the important parts we see none of those things matter.  I think that’s what this play shows and the main thing that is important are the people around you and the things you do with them and that that’s what you are going to remember.  The most important thing we do as humans is interacting with those around us, making connections and loving each other… ” Pascal Sanok

“This play shows you to take a step back and look at what matters and appreciate what you have while you have it because you won’t forever--nothing lasts.”--Hunter James

“ Not very remarkable people living out their daily lives in the moment.  Life doesn’t last forever, people die, let's really pay attention to today.” --Trillium Burbank

“As the stage manager I get to say a lot of really impactful lines that have changed my way of thinking.”--Zoe Cook  

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