PTHS Class of 2019 Info & Schedule
PTHS Class of 2019 Info & Schedule
Posted on 02/14/2019
PTHS Class of 2019 InfoCLASS OF 2019 INFORMATION
This is the page for all of your due dates and information you will need for your senior year. Check back to make sure you don't miss the things you will need to know. Following are important items for you, as a senior at Port Townsend High School.

Important: The group cap and gown order is being sent in from our parent company. If you did not order yours yet, please do it today.
Here is the link:

Need help with college applications? Financial aid? Registering for the SAT or ACT? Mrs. Gard and Ms. Dow will be available for college help in the Library after school on Tuesdays.

All your fines must be paid before you can get your graduation tickets at the last senior meeting in May 2019.


Deadline for Senior photos is Friday, January 11th.


This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting senior photos is Friday, January 11th 2019.  Please don’t wait until the last minute to make an appointment with a photographer. If you don’t turn a picture in, we will use your school ASB ID photo if you had one taken, or the PTHS Yearbook staff can take your picture.  Your Photo will be in color in the yearbook, unless you submit it in black and white. Remember, it is your responsibility to get us your senior photo either by attending one of the three school picture days or by submitting a photo that adheres to the requirements below:

Picture requirements:

*Turn in sharp photos (completely in focus, 200-300 dpi)

*Use a non-distracting background.  NO PROPS! If you want your horse or a favorite book in the photo, the senior tributes is the place for this. The class section in the yearbook is just you! (see example below).  

yb sample senior photo
*Do not wear clothes that are inappropriate for school in your senior photo. Also, avoid seasonal attire (heavy coats, hats, gloves, vacation photos, etc.)

*Please keep frame to head and chest only. Hands in the photo tend to make pictures look cluttered. IMPORTANT:Leave space above the top of the head and to each side as shown in the example below.

*Inform your photographer that picture dimensions will be approximately 2.5 x 3 inches.

Please turn in your photo to the yearbook staff in digital form if possible. Photographers may also send in digital copies to AND ALSO to the PTHS Senior Section Mgrs: Berit Schultz (PTHS class of 2019) or Ben Mattern (PTHS class of 2019)  You should receive a response from us that we got your photo, if not please follow up with us.

Extended deadline for Senior Tributes! PTHS yearbook staff is extending the deadline for senior tribute ads until Monday, February 11th, 2019. Senior tributes are a great way to commemorate your student's accomplishments with special photos, memories, and text. The process is easy and fun, just visit  Computer support is available at 877-723-6344, Monday-Friday from 5:30 am-5:30 pm.

We use rental gowns that are returned immediately after graduation at final checkout in the chapel.  National Achiever Services is our graduation product company. The deadline for ordering the group cap and gown package order was December 15th. Everyone participating in graduation needs to order a grad package. If you did not yet order, please do so as soon as possible.

can be found at this link: PTHS SCHOLARSHIP BULLETIN

PTHS graduation is on Friday, June 7th at 7 pm at the McCurdy Pavilion at Fort Worden. Tickets are required for admission.

Senior Culminating Project information and the downloadable booklet can be found at this link.

Grad night
takes place right after graduation and most of the graduates attend this all-night party. Prizes, fun, games and the last time with your classmates.

You can download the registration forms HERE.

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