PTHS Daily Bulletin

PTHS Daily Bulletin
Posted on 01/15/2021
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PTHS DAILY BULLETIN FRIDAY, JANUARY 15, 2021 You can download a copy of the bulletin HERE.

• Monday is a day off of school in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Honor his legacy by learning more about him and his life. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  - MLK Jr.

"Lunch @ UR Library" program is next Wednesday and the kits are ready. Students can email for a kit.

Here is a link

Drama Club will be on Tuesdays at 4 pm. See this message from student Zoe Cook to learn more:

I am a humble tenth grader grappling with the tenuousity of this most unprecedented school year, and I am struggling, and I am drained, and I don’t feel like myself anymore. A lot of students don’t feel like themselves anymore. I can’t exactly advocate for every member of this school district, but I can advocate for the people in my circle; the people who had similar interests before the pandemic, and the people who have spoken up and asked for my help resurrecting a creative passion we once shared. They’ve asked me to rekindle the drama club, and I intend to do just that, whatever it takes. Now, by rekindle, I assume that it already existed and I’ve written to you all just to get it started up again, however, I intend to make drastic changes to the curriculum as well. The drama club we had last year was just a few students who met after school and played theater games, wrote scripts, and did yoga to bridge the gap between play productions, but this year we don’t have play productions; this club will be all we have, so why not make it great? Obviously, there will be restrictions, and there are a number of health regulations we will need to follow to make this both a fun and safe experience for the students. Here are some of my ideas: 
· Zoom calls can be used maybe once or twice a month for scheduling and check in, but shouldn’t be frequent because we all attend enough zoom calls as it is. 

· We will all have either a group chat on text or through discord to stay in touch 

· We’ll be put into small groups of 3-5 people that we can zoom with when we want and maybe meet occasionally in a park or at the high school field (taking safety measures like masks or staying distanced)

· Or, if we have one group member we want to meet with more frequently, we’ll be limiting our germ bubbles to that one person

Since we can’t put on a show this fall, I came up with a ton of alternative activities that would work with the current restrictions. I’ve sent out a poll to a bunch of theater students and the most popular choices were as follows: 

· Script writing with prompts

· Improv games (in groups of two at park, or on zoom)

· Reading scripts book club style and then rehearsing scenes with a small group 

· Annotating monologues and doing individual performances 

· Fundraising to see a show when theaters open back up/ fundraising to keep the arts alive during these hard times

I’ve begun to reach out to theater creatives in the community such as Brendan Chambers from Key City Public theater, and Kelly Doran who directed the fall play in 2019 They are happy and willing to help make this possible. 

As you can see, there are a number of options, and I’ve got at least twenty students excited about this club already. With a little advertising from the school, just imagine how many more students we could get on board. Maybe not a ton, but definitely a lot, and the arts are a powerful thing. Starting this club could be uplifting for art deprived creatives, and the difference between acting on a dark thought and acting out a dark thought with the support of other creatives who might share your experience. 

If you are interested in the arts, community service, writing, performing, music, self expression, or just having a creative outlet during this time, consider joining the drama club. The student led club is open to ideas and input as to what activities and events we plan. If you are interested in getting involved at any point in time, reach out to either director Kelly Doran or student Zoe Cook 

Current West Sound Tech students - West Sound Tech will open enrollment for next school year to current students on Friday, January 15thClick here to access the application

Note: New students must wait to enroll in March (Date TBD).

High School Essay Contest! Open to ALL high school students in Jefferson County.

  • First Prize $400
  •  Second Prize $200
  •  5 honorable mentions $75

The essay question is:  500 words 

“Why I will be a stronger adult because I was young in Jefferson County?”

Deadline is March 31, 2021.

Submit to Donna Etchey at the PT Leader -


The Drama Club is starting up soon. Stay tuned for more info!

• PTHS Film Club - Do you love cinema? Do you ever think about working in Hollywood? If you said yes to either question, the brand new PTHS Film Club needs you. Email Mr. for more info.


The Students for Sustainability Club is holding Zoom meetings on Tuesdays at 11:30 am AT THIS LINK. This meeting is open to any PTHS students.

Mock Trial meet Tuesday at 4 pm, Wednesday at 3:30 and Sunday at 4 pm. Get the Zoom link that is listed under Wednesday’s club meeting info.


Knowledge Bowl meets every Wednesday – everyone is welcome to join12 noon
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 890 5565 301

Interact Club’s next meeting is on Wednesday, January 13 at 2:00 pm. Current members will be sent the link. If you are new to Interact and would like to attend a meeting, email Advisor Lolo Sherwood at for the zoom link.

 Key Club will have their next Zoom meeting on Wednesday, January 20 at 2:00 pm.  Current members will be sent the Zoom link. If you are new to Key Club and would like to attend a meeting, email advisor Jan Boutilier at for the link.

• All Interested in joining a new Mock Trial Season, must contact Mr. Pierson or join our meetings Tuesday, 4pm and/or Wednesday at 3:30. We will also meet Sundays at 4pm. Find the Zoom link below. See you soon! Mock Trial Zoom
Meeting ID: 964 4469 1754
Passcode: 085460

•  Skillmation for all students - Every Wednesday from 9 am-12! Mr. Stegner and Mrs. Kruse will also be there!
Zoom link:

ASB meets every other Wednesday at 10:30 am on Zoom.


• The Redhawk Review for December 2020 is out. Get it here! 

This year, Port Angeles High School (with whom we collaborate to put on the annual College & Career Fair in the Fall) created a webpage, featuring short videos from college admissions, financial aid, military, and career representatives - and it's amazing! We may not have been able to host the College & Career Fair in-person this year, but through this site, our students can experience the Fair in a virtual setting:  

Some Reminders:
1. Mask covering the nose and mouth at all times unless you are eating, getting water.

2. No eating lunch in the hallways.  Lunch is only in the designated eating area (auditorium, or outside) where we have appropriate ventilation.

3. Need to maintain socially distanced (6 feet apart), including during breaks, and movement between classes.

4. Only one student is allowed in the restroom at a time.

• Attendance - Remember that you have until midnight to do your attendance task for each class on each day.

 Are you in need of tech help? Click on thislink that will take you to solutions for your tech problems.

• Kiley Gard, the high school counselor, is now hosting weekly Zoom office hours,Wednesdays from 8 am- 9 am, to help answer student and parent questions about graduation requirements, college application processes, and more! Join the Zoom here (coffee not required).

 Current students, parents, and guardians: You can now book a phone orZoom appointment with Ms. Gard, the guidance counselor, online at:

 Submit your photos to the yearbook. At this link you will find all the directions you need!


The School Based Health Center at the Gael Stuart Building is OPEN for Telehealth and In-Person services. 
Susan Bone O’Brien, Family Nurse Practitioner and Megan Smith, Mental Health Counselor are continuing to provide medical services and mental health support in COVID-safe manner.

Schedules below:
Susan Bone O'Brien, Family Nurse Practitioner
Tuesday 12 pm - 3 pm
To make an appointment:
Call 360-385-9400, opt 3 -- OR
Call or text 360-390-8560
OR put note in locked box

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Megan Smith, Mental Health Counselor
Tuesday 8:00 am  - 11:30 am
Thursday 12:00 noon - 3:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
For mental health support appointments: Call 360-379-4609 OR email
Check our website for more info at this link.

• Mental health support from the School-Based Health Clinic: monthly tips, thoughts, and inspirations: Greetings from the School-Based Health Clinic mental health therapist!  As we all feel a fall chill in the air, the shortening daylight, and the winter holidays approaching, there seems to be a bit of fear stirring in our hearts, about the upcoming months. Reports of increases in COVID cases nationwide certainly don’t help, and it is easy to let worry and dread seep under our skin. Here are two sources that provide some tips to help us all to get through the winter safe and sound:

An article published this October, 2020 in Vox, gives good advice from psychologists, on a simple phrase that can help us cope this winter:  “Shift your focus outward”,  ...which involves “cultivating different states — social connectedness, a clear purpose, inspiration — but all have one thing in common: They get you to focus on something outside yourself”.

This website lists some free helpful apps to help manage anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and more: 

• Here is the link to all the PTHS Class of 2021 information you will need.The page will be updated as plans are made. Check it often. Deadline for the senior photo and senior tribute in the yearbook has been extended to January 29.



When you order the rental cap and gown unit for Port Townsend High School, it automatically comes with the tassel, diploma and diploma cover, even though it does not say it. All you need is the “Cap and Gown Unit” for $47.95, plus shipping & tax. (The text below the photo mentions that it includes a class stole, but our school does not do those.) You can also order announcements and other graduation products, if you choose. The announcements are made with the info we provide for Port Townsend High School. Here is the link to order.

When you order, if you want a white gown, you should select “female”; if you want the red gown, you should select “male.” Deadline January 31, 2021.

Everyone who is participating in graduation needs to order the Cap and Gown unit which includes the cap, gown, tassel, diploma and diploma cover. Please don’t miss the deadline!

Questions to Jan Boutilier at

 •  SENIOR PHOTOS - Need a photographer for your senior photo? We have volunteers to do just that. You sign up to be the client, and an Advanced Media student will be assigned to take your senior portrait. Email Mr. Egeler if interested: Deadline has been extended to January 29.

• SENIORS -  If your parent or guardian works full-time as a nurse or in K-12 education, PLU is offering at least half off tuition through their Nurse & Educator Dependent Commitment!Learn more here.

• The PTHS Scholarship Bulletin is your up-to-date guide on available scholarships!


• Wednesday Tutoring with Skillmation - Community volunteers are available for tutoring Wednesdays from 9 am - 12 pm via Zoom. Contact Ms. Kruse or Mr. Stegner for more information.

• Skillmation's Subject Coaches - Free individual, online assistance is available to Jefferson County students in areas of high school mathematics, sciences, writing proficiency and literature, Spanish language competency, organizational skills, academic planning, goal setting, and more! Contact Skillmation today at

• 19th Street Study Lounge - Open to all middle & high school students. Proctor House has COVID-19 procedures in place to provide free WiFi, tutoring, school supplies on site, and snacks. 226 19th Street in Port Townsend. Transportation support is available. Contact: Kelli Parcher or Kurt Munnich or 360-385-9190 

• OlyCAP Student Computer Library - Open to students age 12-24, needing a quiet space with reliable WiFi. Tutors available as needed; snacks provided. Wednesdays 1pm- 4pm in the OlyCAP Conference Room: 731 W Park Ave, Port Townsend

• OlyCAP Virtual Learning Program - For those unable to make it to the Student Computer Library hours, or in need of extra help with school work. Drop-in tutoring available weekly (or by appointment) online via Google Meet and Google Classroom. Thursdays 1pm- 4pm. Email Sam Schroeder at: for meeting link and more information.

See our webpage for more info

PTHS sports (wrestling and basketball) are currently scheduled to start up on February 1st. If you need a physical, please plan ahead. Our school clinic is only open on Tuesday afternoons from noon – 3 pm. To make an appointment, call 360-385-9400, opt 3.

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