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The Iron King      Iron King    Julie Kagawa

The book Iron King is the first book in the Iron Fey series that has seven books, and  three novellas. It is a fantasy book that involves all different kinds of magic and it has just a hint of romance. Meghan Chase is an ordinary girl living with her mom. Step-father, and her half-brother But something has been missing in her life since her dad disappeared when she was six. Now she is about to turn sixteen, and everything is supposed to get better right? WRONG! She is about to experience a whole different life when her half-brother Ethan is taken to the Nevernever. She and her best friend Robbie follow Ethan to the Nevernever where she discovers something she would have never expected about herself and her real father. This story is about making deals she never should have, meeting people she’d never thought to meet, and figure out what has been missing in her life all along.
Reviewed by Lydia A.

A great and terrible beauty     A Great and Terrible Beauty  by Libby Bray

Gemma Doyle holds a secret to a truly great but terrible secret. At 16, Gemma always wanted to live in London, someplace that seems so far from her home in India.  She finally got her chance but it isn’t what she hoped it would be. It was far greater than she expect but at the same time, it was far from what she wanted.  At this wonderful finishing school, Gemma makes friends with people most would envy to even breathe the same air. A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libby Bray, is a total page turner. Every page is captivating, from beautiful realms to tragic losses. It holds everything needed for a fiction book to come to life. I would recommend this to anyone who loves magic, mystery and suspense. It’s the first book to the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and is by far the best book to a magical start.

Reviewed by Missi P.


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